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Who we are?


We were born in 2012 as a cooperative with the main objective of creating positive impacts in our surroundings, We are based in team methodology, so every project that we have has a project team in charge that make them work. Learning is important for us, so we learn together with you, our clients, for a common goal; the creation of new knowledge for each part. We work together with you offering the best solutions, solving obstacles while we go forward in the development of the project. We are young, bornt in the era of the change, ready for offering the best attention and services in our hands.

We offer you services as development of entrepreneurial teams inside organizations, creation of new business models and strategies adapted to the modern times and innovative processes of communication and human resources inside companies. Want the change, ¡Be the change!

desarrollo de equipos emprendedores

Development of entrepreneurial teams

In this area we work mainly the team entrepreneurship. We believe that entrepreneurship is a necessary ingredient inside the learning process of any person, that’s why we introduce it in different sector of our society such as, design and education.

desarrollo negocios estratgicos

New business and strategies development

We help different companies developing their Business Model and Brand, and we encourage entrepreneurial teams and innovative processes that allow creating an innovative company able to solve the challenges that they face in their daily life.

desarrollo de equipos emprendedores

Innovative processes within companies

We help companies to be competitive globally implementing with them a positive change inside the company. We mainly focus on improving the user experience, loyalty, involvement of people, organizational changes or improved communication both internal and external.

Meet the Team


Communication & financial expert


Glocal entrepreneur and comunity creator


‎Customer Management Leader & Marketing area


Ceo y Team manager


Project manager & Customer Relationship


Project manager & event organizer


Community Manager & Founder


Project designer and social entrepreneur


Customer Leader


Process designer & project leader


Project designer and developer


Business development


Financial Leader


Graphic facilitator & implementator

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